3 Ways GIG Logistics Can Help Your Business Overcome Logistics Challenges

3 Ways GIG Logistics Can Help Your Business Overcome Logistics Challenges

Many businesses face challenges when trying to develop their logistics strategies. You are probably facing some too.

Generally, the major challenges involve inventory management, transportation, and the management of daily processes that directly impact results, like meeting the demands of today’s increasingly aware and connected consumers, relying on efficient delivery systems, and adequately controlling costs.

Now, more than ever before, companies face the pressure of matching customers’ growing and evolving needs with a wide range of products and services to remain relevant in the market. Consumers are more demanding and desire a complete shopping experience.

This makes operations and processes increasingly complex, even for small businesses.

Consequently, if you are a growing company, a good solution is to hone in on your core operations and outsource the logistics aspect of your value delivery as this helps you to maintain quality and focus, with your team working better within their expertise.

In this article, we highlight 3 most common logistics challenges faced by businesses and how GIG Logistics can help your business overcome them.

Logistics Challenges and How We Can Help You Overcome Them

Last mile delivery - GIG Logistics

Last Mile Delivery Costs

In a product’s delivery cycle, it is moved from the warehouse shelf to the vehicle, to the customer’s doorstep—the final step of this process, known as the “last mile of delivery.”

While last mile delivery is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process, it is instrumental as it is the key to customer’s overall satisfaction.

The logistics industry today is required to transport an increasing number of goods over long distances.

Companies have to move goods from point A to point B in the face of unpredictable conditions like traffic, fuel costs, weather predictions, and the cost of fleet maintenance. Shipping and transportation are by far the most expensive cost in logistics.

Our Solution

Rising fleet maintenance costs will be a central economic concern for a while. But a likely solution will involve the proliferation of electric vehicles, including trucks, in the next decade as EVs don’t require as much maintenance.

At GIG Logistics, we’ve partnered with JET Motors to eliminate the last-mile delivery challenge by acquiring electric vehicles (EVs).

In addition to helping your business cut delivery costs and increase customer satisfaction, our EVs also benefit the environment as they don’t emit polluting gases.

With lower CO2 emissions, our EVs are reducing the transport industry’s carbon footprint and improving air quality in cities.

Partner with us today to overhaul your business’ last-mile delivery challenge while also improving your customer satisfaction and making the environment safer for us all to live in.

Customer Expectations - GIG Logistics

Handling Customer Expectations

Since the pandemic, the buying habits of consumers have shifted to online shopping with less stress.

As more people spent more time indoors for their safety, online marketplaces were the only way to shop groceries and necessities.

Businesses that transitioned entirely to the remote model had to find an alternative to how to get their products across to their customers.

With customers’ ever-changing and ever-growing preferences came high expectations. They always want to know where their products are and when they will arrive.

Handling multiple demands can be overwhelming especially since speed and convenience are key performance indicators for successful logistics operations.

Our Solution

With the GIGGo app, customers can initiate shipment operations from the comfort of their homes and offices, eliminating the endless wait at pickup locations for their items to be dispatched.

Once a request is made, the app locates a delivery partner nearest to the request and allocates the delivery request for pickup.

This is how we handle customers’ expectations more seamlessly to make their shopping experience more enjoyable. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured that people could stay safe indoors yet book any type of delivery vehicle to pick up all the items they needed, and we delivered to their doorsteps with utmost speed, all in just a few taps through our App.

GIGGo is still here and is set to see our customers through their logistics challenges, and as well, support the future of commerce in Nigeria.

Global markets - GIG Logistics

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Targeting Global Markets

Many businesses do well with acquiring customers outside their location of operations, and then it becomes hard to retain these customers due to logistic challenges.

When your business consistently fails to deliver its products to customers, irrespective of their location around the world, the brand trust becomes shaky and may eventually lead to a loss of customers.

Our Solution

At GIG Logistics, we’re not only known for speed and delivery, but our goal is to also make logistics easy for individuals and corporations anywhere.

This has prompted us to improve the scope of our services to enable businesses to upscale their offerings into the international market while enhancing logistics operations for them.  As such, we help businesses ship to more than 230 countries and territories, including Ghana, UK, US, and China.

This includes inbound and outbound shipping, coupled with the availability of a customer care representative to aid clear communication and final deliveries of your products.



The future of logistics will certainly be digitized, but also agile, multifunctional, truly open, and spread across geographies.

That’s precisely what the global economy needs and that’s what we’re doing with GIG Logistics to provide the logistics solutions that suit business across West Africa.

GIGL is your trusted logistics company as we continue to evolve, innovate, and provide technology-focused solutions that meet our customers at their exact point of need.

With us on your team, you can overcome all your logistics challenges and provide seamless services to your customers, while generating more leads for your business.

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