The Complete Guide to Sourcing Suppliers from China and paying with ease

The Complete Guide to Sourcing Suppliers from China and paying with ease

Learn how to skillfully navigate the Chinese supplier market and start shopping like a pro.

The advantages of sourcing your goods from China are numerous.

However, it can be quite hectic to find verified Chinese suppliers, bargain, and get a good deal.

Finding and doing business with suppliers can be difficult for shoppers and business owners, especially when the provided items does not meet customers’ expectations due to poor quality.

This article will guide you on how to shop the best deals from the Chinese suppliers and other things you need to know, especially if you’re a newbie.

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Research suppliers online

Doing a fast internet search might be your best bet if this is your first time sourcing from China.

There are numerous websites where you can interact with vendors such as Aliexpress, GearBest, DHgate, Banggood, JollyChic, DealExtreme, Alibaba, GeekbuyingMini In The Book, Tmart, CNDirect, Modily, Zapals, FocalPrice, TomTop, NewFrog, BuyInCoins, LightInTheBox, and TinyDeal.

You must be careful though, as it can be difficult to tell a manufacturer from a reseller online.

When you need products with technical requirements, it is preferable to choose a manufacturer over a reseller, even though this is an acceptable option if you just need a supply of toys or inexpensive electronics.

It is essential to carefully search for a manufacturer so you can buy your goods straight from them.

Websites like Alibaba can aid in your search by shortlisting producers. These websites provide a feature where they rate various manufacturers and suppliers in China.

You should also know that these ratings might not be accurate given that any supplier who purchases an Alibaba premium membership can receive a gold provider rating.

Consequently, you cannot rely on ratings alone. In order to make sure you have located the ideal source; you need be patient in your search and carry out further inspections.

Chinese suppliers

Perform supplier verification inspections

You must confirm this data after compiling a list of vendors based on their experience.

You should check to see if the suppliers are factories or merely middlemen, and if they have the technical know-how and capacity to create what you need in the past.

Examining the VAT invoices from the suppliers, the audited accounts, or the factory’s registration documents will allow you to confirm this information.

You can get the supplier’s registration and business license numbers by calling them.

Even while this isn’t always the case, it is frequently a warning sign if your supplier only uses their mobile phone to conduct business.

Let’s say your supplier is unable to offer a company registration number or a business license, you should steer clear of doing business with them.

The local administrative government or the local Bureau of Industry and Commerce can verify all registration numbers.

The best way to confirm the supplier’s reputation and history is to request references from past customers.

China Suppliers

Find a Balance Between Price & Quality

The largest advantage of sourcing products from China is the huge cost savings that result from the country’s low manufacturing and labour costs.

This makes China an alluring alternative because it is far less expensive than other nations.

Keep in mind that every supplier has a standard minimum cost to produce the goods while discussing the pricing with your supplier.

To determine a fair pricing, you must first thoroughly investigate the costs of the product and the market price.

Based on this information, you can confirm that when you are offered a price below the market price, the quality of the product may not be the best.

Going below the minimum market price or the product’s cost price should be a red flag as the supplier is compensating for something missing that you might not have realized yet.

To protect yourself from such consequences, you should avoid working with suppliers that offer you a ridiculously low price.

Chinese suppliers

Watch out for Reviews

The next step is to go on to the review section after conducting a search on the supplier of your choice and discovering the product that best suits you.

The review enables you to see what other customers have to say about the products, including any criticism or recommendations they may have.

Spend some time reading this and decide for yourself whether you want to work with the source.

China suppliers

Buy Directly From Suppliers

You should take this into consideration because it can drastically reduce your expenses if you have the time and expertise to conduct your own search, manage your suppliers, and monitor the manufacturing process.

When you identify your supplier, GIG Logistics can take it from here with these simple steps:

  1. Visit your favourite Chinese websites, search for your items and copy the link.
  2. Open the GIGGo App, click ‘Overseas Shipping‘, select ‘China‘, then ‘Shop for me‘ and paste your link with the right description.
  3. An invoice will be sent to you to make payment
  4. Upon payment, your items will be delivered to you in a few days.

Shop from China and pay in Naira

Resolve Payment issues

Paying Chinese suppliers is another problem because it’s incredibly time-consuming to not be able to pay in dollars.

People frequently turn around at this point because all attempts to make payment are unsuccessful.

Here at GIG Logistics, we offer a solution for you that allows you to pay the Naira equivalent while we assist you in paying your supplier.

Source suppliers from China with GIG Logistics

Communicate Clearly with Your Suppliers

Due to the language barrier and cultural differences, clear communication is one of the biggest problems shoppers encounter when shopping from China.

Therefore, miscommunication and misconceptions are the main problems when interacting with suppliers.

Since you may enter the item’s description when ordering an item on the GIGGo app, we can efficiently communicate this to your supplier, thereby bridging the language gap.

China shopping with GIG Logistics

Make Sure to Order Samples

You can choose the best price after gathering quotations from several suppliers based on your spending limit.

Prior to settling on a single Chinese supplier and placing bulk orders, it is usually a good idea to order samples.

You don’t want to commit a lot of time and money without seeing the results.

When placing your first batch of staple orders, you should also think about the factory’s location and payment options.

You can choose the best price after gathering quotations from several suppliers based on your spending limit.

Shop and Ship from China to Nigeria with GIG logistics

Final Words

When sourcing suppliers from China, it’s crucial to keep these pointers in mind, especially if it’s your first time.

You do not want to be taken advantage of or deceived as because it will negatively affect your shopping experience or business.

The ideal course of action is to take your time throughout the procedure and avoid hurrying things so that you can carefully weigh all the options and decide who and where to obtain your supply.

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